Interactive Voice Response System


What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

An IVR is an advanced application of voice processing technology used to collect data such as time & attendance and job costing information. IVR systems are loyal diligent “assistants” that never call in sick. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; collect data quickly and accurately, and eliminate the paperwork associated with manual input.


How Does An IVR Work?

Employees dial a telephone number to access the system. The IVR answers incoming calls and prompts the caller with a voice menu. Once the caller has selected a menu option and entered all appropriate data through the touchtone keypad, the information is transferred to the time & attendance and job/project tracking software. The data is then passed over to a time & attendance system to be processed according to specific policies and rules and is ready for editing/approval. The data can then be transferred to third party systems such as Payroll, HR, Accounting, Billing and Job Costing after final approval.

Time & Attendance and Job/Project Tracking

Field personnel, sales representatives, consultants, service technicians, and employees traveling for work can use the IVR to log “in/out” for work. Specific activities, as well as labor allocation by jobs or projects are also easily collected through the IVR.

System Options

Custom Script: a voice script can be customized and designed based on your particular data capture needs
Custom Voice Prompts: customized prompts can be designed based on your particular wording
Multi-lingual: callers can listen to scripts in different languages
Automatic Call Back: automatic notification if mandatory calls are not received by a pre-determined time
Caller ID: ensures your employees are calling from authorized locations and telephone numbers

Benefits Of An IVR System…

Cost Effective:
Flexible: can be easily modified and/or expanded to meet future demands
Improved Accuracy: the IVR interfaces with CoMax’s software solutions, therefore eliminating human errors.