Security Solutions

securityThe CoMax suite of Security Solutions are designed to worked individually or together to assist companies in achieving a higher level of efficiency and security.  This enables our solutions to grow with clients as their needs and requirements change. 

CoMax's security solutions include Video Surveillance, Access Controle, Wireless Electronic Door Locks, Visitor Management, and ID Badge Systems.  The flexibility of our systems allow CoMax to view each client individually and configure systems according to your specific requirements.

Scalable Security Solutions

CoMax provides organizations of all sizes and all industries with cost efficent, scalable security solutions.  Whether you want to purchase a new system, upgrade or expand an existing system, CoMax has options to meet your needs.  We realize that the requirements of our clients are as individual as our solutions are versatile and flexable.  With this in mind we continue to shape and evolve our product portfolio to maintain our position as a leader in the security industry.