ID Badge Systems

With security on almost everyone's mind these days, Photo ID badge systems have become relevant for everyone. Photo ID badges are the first line of defense in many organizations' security programs. Fulfilling the basic need to know "who's who" is just the starting point: Additions like printed bar codes and encoded magnetic stripes help these organizations get the most of out of their badges.

badge exampleCoMax, Inc. offers a wide variety of cutting edge id badge security systems and pvc card solutions for any organization's specific id badging or card creation requirements. Whether you are looking for a quick, simple solution or an advanced system with training and support, you can count on us to give you all the options and the right solutions.

CoMax, Inc. allows you create your own badges with a complete photo id system or have us do them for you through our id badge creation service.

Whether you are looking for a photo id card service, a complete photo ID system, ID card printing supplies, HID prox cards, or badge attachments, you’ll find what you need here.