Wireless Portable Surveillance Systems

Wireless Protable Surveillance

Our Wireless Portable Surveillance System is a proven tool for alarm, surveillance and covert operations. Wireless alarms are placed in high-risk locations such as liquor stores, warehouses, construction sites and areas of suspected drug or theft activity. There are no wires so setup and deployment is simple, fast and portable. When an alarm is activated, a pre-recorded voice alarm is instantly relayed to existing law enforcement/security radio systems radios via an intelligent receiver.

Specific messages allow officers to respond immediately to the exact location without dispatch delay, such as

"Sherman & Essex Avenues - Ford Explorer License Plate NJ EWS-59X - Tilt Sensor Alarm Activated,"

The FCC-certified wireless technology ensures efficient alarm relay without the need for expensive and time-consuming wire installation.

Sensor options include:

  • Wireless Motion & Glass Break detectors
  • Trip Beams
  • Door Contacts
  • Tilt Sensors
  • Pressure Mats
  • Panic Buttons

Give security and law enforcement the edge with simple, fast and portable wireless surveillance. .